Wow Your iPad Readers (via News)

Time abroad is not the same without creative ways to keep in touch with family, friends and world events. As travelers we live a mobile lifestyle and appreciate solutions that are compact and don’t compromise on style. Communication has come a long way with many options available.

Blogging has become a way of life for me and my passion for writing. I used to annoy others with my long emails. I wrote seemingly unnecessary details that my friends appreciated but couldn’t relate to. I started writing emails to myself and that felt weird after a while. Until I found Facebook. I wrote posts and wrote more and more. That was quite annoying and not very social. Do I have a life? Who writes 10 posts in one day on Facebook! And one day I found WordPress as I was researching about an idea for a webpage. I turned my efforts to blogging. And here I am now, writing to the world.

Love this and can’t wait to get my hands on an i-pad one day. So much to do and so much to learn! I appreciate how the WordPress Team keeps in touch with technological advancements. Definitely spices up my life every day when I hear about something new! Can’t wait to ‘Wow my iPad readers!’

By Maria Mangos

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Wow Your iPad Readers With the launch of Apple’s iPad we have seen the future of computing and it is touch. Nothing matches the visceral feel of navigating your digital world with your hands. The past four months we’ve been working closely with Onswipe to bring your iPad visitors our vision of what a blog can look like re-imagined for a touch experience. Our iPad-optimized view is app-like in its functionality, but pure HTML5 goodness on the backend: it supports touch … Read More

via News

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