Les Catacombes de Paris

Paris by SPOT Satellite

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The most interesting place I’ve every been to was to see the Catacombes. A place that doesn’t suite tourism and is a place that airs respect. It was May, 2004. This is  the story, or at least bits of it that I could make out … please correct me if the story is not correct. The information boards were in French and I asked people around me to tell me the story.

About 200 years ago there was a plague in Paris and hundreds of people died, then there was a flood and the bones of the dead appeared in people’s homes! And the fact was that the cemeteries in Paris were becoming very overcrowded so they put he bones of the people there! They dug out their graves and piled up the bones! It was eery when I began to realise that the bones were actually real, and the cave seemed to go on forever. There were 6 million people in the cemetery. Bones piled up like bricks to make an almost never-ending wall.

After the visit I washed my hands … my friends and I visited the good ole Maccas for a toilet break and then chilled for a bit; we needed that. I’m sorry I don’t have any photos. I had a film camera back then and all my prints are back home in Australia. But somehow even if I had any I am not sure if I would be able to bring myself to post them. You just have to go and see for yourself.

Maria Grujicic


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